Advertise With Us

Like pro wrestling, the advertising arena has changed. Gone are the days when a print or radio ad had the widespread reach they used to have. Advertising spots on TV are often too expensive, especially for up and coming business, with major brands buying out time slots. Even for bigger companies, TV advertising loses its oomph with a large number of modern viewers moving to streaming media.

In addition to the sustained viewing target audiences do in the evening and on off days, the masses tend to prefer “single-serve” media; short videos, articles, and blog posts that they can peruse during their daily commutes to and from work. This is why we would like to invite you to advertise with us.

As a specialized blog, we already have a clear demographic so you know if the audience we cater to is the same audience you want to reach. Much better than the shotgun approach one often gets from print or radio nowadays!

The Turnbuckle Post offers banner ads either on our home page, or on our blog posts. Don’t have an ad that fits our allocated ad space? No problem! Our web dev team can resize the images and present them for your approval prior to placing the ads on our webpage!

For interested parties, please check out our contact page and contact us on info on advertising partnerships. We look forward to working with you!