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WrestleMania Fallout: Did This Year’s ‘Mania Live Up To The Hype?

Almost 2 whole weeks ago, WrestleMania went down in New Orleans. Now this is a yearly event, and THE most anticipated WWE event each year for most. Now, one of the best gauges of how good a ‘Mania was, is how long people are still talking about it and how much it impacts the storylines of the coming year. This year’s ‘Mania definitely had its ups and downs as all events do, but the question remains: did it live up to the hype?


There were some definite highs in terms of wrestling action. The Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Title was definitely one. So was the return of Daniel Bryan in an incredible tag team match up with Shane McMahon against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Of course, the Nakamura versus Styles match was a solid high point. The US Title match, while not amazing, was entertaining at the very least.

Some of the highs were marred however.  Both the Triple Threat and the Fatal Four Way were title matches, but they featured superstars who, based on rumors and confirmed the following week, were being moved as part of the shakeup. This really cheapened the value of the fight as obviously, belts weren’t going to move between brands.


Wow. When WrestleMania 34 had lows, it hit really, really low. Once again, the talents of Sheamus and Cesaro were wasted on what was pretty much a joke match, given that 1) Sheamus and Cesaro were being moved to SmackDown so there was no point in them winning the Raw belts, and 2) they lost to Braun Strowman and a 10-year old.

The main event was a match for a major title featuring two superstars who practically nobody cared about. All the efforts to build up Roman Reigns as a character the crowd could get behind were wasted. Throw in an Undertaker versus Cena match that completely ruined ‘Taker’s retirement last year, and showcased skills that would only impress a child, it was a low, low point indeed.


Not the best WrestleMania, but also not the worst one to date. But in my honest opinion, WrestleMania 34 didn’t live up to the hype they built up for it.