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Preparing For Greatness: My Title Predictions For The Greatest Royal Rumble

It was recently announced that the WWE would be flying some of its greatest talents to Saudi Arabia to have a show with a card that would feature the largest Royal Rumble match to date, as well as have 7 title defense matches. Billed as the Greatest Royal Rumble, the event has a lot of promise.

Given the number of title defenses, a lot can happen over the course of the event. Here are my predictions for the so-called Greatest Royal Rumble:

No titles are changing hands

In terms of where the Greatest Royal Rumble ranks in the WWE storylines, I would say that it’s like the cute YouTube videos that Marvel has in between their movies: cute, and fun to watch but probably has no impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. That being said, don’t expect any titles to change hands.

Expect a lot of filler in the Royal Rumble

Even when staging the normal 30-man Royal Rumble, the WWE has a hard time filling all 30 slots with quality entries. A large number of entries are filler, providing cheap gags, getting eliminated almost right away, or making the ring look full before getting eliminated with little fanfare.

Now if the WWE has a hard time doing this for 30 slots, can you imagine the filler they’ll have for 50 slots, especially on a Pay Per View event that probably won’t figure into the WWE storylines? Expect the winner to be someone who they feel needs a push, but don’t expect it to affect storylines.

People will cheer Cena

While most pro wrestling fans have Cena-nuff of Big Match John, reports suggest that fans overseas still enjoy seeing him. Reports suggest that a lot of kids will be watching as well, and for some reason, kids still love John Cena. It’s like a law of the universe. The sun rises in the east, it sets in the west, and kids love Cena.

What are your predictions for the Greatest Royal Rumble?

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